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Rolls Royce Cullinan

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People refer to top-tier luxury items as the “Rolls-Royce of…” for a reason. The Cullinan is a big-body SUV powered by a silky-smooth twin-turbo V-12 with up to 592 horsepower. Built for absolute comfort and priced for the egregiously wealthy, the Cullinan coddles you with two rows of plush seating as lovely as leather couches. No other SUV has lambs-wool floor mats inside and a formidable hood ornament donning the outside. While its exterior is a little too London taxi for us, its cabin can be tailored to suit the wildest of tastes and the deepest of pockets. The Daddy Warbucks of SUV excellence has few competitors, but if a billionaire were forced to cross-shop, a Bentley Bentayga or Mercedes-AMG G63 might be a good place to start. Even then, they’re no coach-door-swinging Cullinan.

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