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Range Rover SVR

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Range Rover SVR: Rover Range Rover Sport SVR Is a True Treat Which Packs Muscle and Luxury in The Best Way Possible.   This Luxury SUV Comes in A Medium Body and Has the Muscle Car Feel Inside. Unique Wheels, A Sport-Tuned Suspension, More Hardcore Transmission Programming, Sport Seats, And Other Sporty Trim and Aesthetic Cues Come as Standard On the Special Vehicle Racing Edition of the Sport. The SVR Has an Ample Storage Space, Measuring 24.8 Cubic Feet. It Can Safely Tow Up to 6,613 Pounds with This Range Rover Sport. The Engine On This SUV Is a Growling 5.0-Liter V8 Powerhouse, Which Belts Out 575 Horsepower (429 Kw) And 516 Pound-Feet (700 Nm) Of Torque and Sounds Like It’s About to Shred Rubber. In Spite of Its Heft, The Range Rover SVR Is Surprisingly Comfortable On Extended Highway Drives, Taking Less Than Five Seconds to Accelerate from 0 To 60 Mph (0 To 92 Km/H). It’s Quiet On the Highway, The Adaptive Suspension Absorbs Shocks Well, And There Are Comfort Features Like Seat Cooling and Massage.

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